Brilliant shine that stands the test of time

School floors and campus facilities see a lot of daily wear. P&G Proline has designed a product line-up for the needs of education facilities: durability, low maintenance and good value.

P&G Pro Line® Finished Floor Cleaner

  • Removes up to 59% more particulate soils than the leading competitor
  • Designed to extend life between scrub and recoat
  • Makes 4x as many mop buckets as the leading competitor

P&G Pro Line® High Affinity - Premium Durable Floor Finish

  • Premium low maintenance finish with a shine boost additive
  • Burnish frequency: 0-1x per week
  • +50% better initial gloss and +46% better black heel mark resistance vs. the leading low maintenance floor finish
  • Uses ProFusion technology, which scientifically blends co-polymers and wax emulsions to deliver the perfect balance of shine and durability, while also responding to your specific burnishing habits.

P&G Pro Line® Floor Finish Stripper #10

  • Delivers extremely low odor with a perfume additive
  • Just as effective as traditionally-high PH strippers with proprietary combination of solvents
  • No Butyl
  • Lower alkalinity than traditional floor strippers for employee safety.

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